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In response to the ever-increasing need for addiction treatment and rehab, we are pleased to offer E-hab treatment services which consists of a combination of online courses and one on one counselling. Clients have the option to take any of our courses as self-directed programs or combine them with one-on-one counselling by contacting us to book appointments.


Our approach addresses the high cost of private treatment facilities, long wait lists and allows clients to work on their recovery from home, on their schedule, all while still working at their jobs or fulfilling other obligations. Scroll down to view course and program offerings.


Global Addiction Recovery offers a selection of programs and courses designed to help people struggling with Substance Abuse and Addiction | Support for Family and Friends of Alcoholics and Addicts | Sexually Compulsive Behavior | Relapse Prevention | Codependency which includes Trauma and Family of Origin Issues | and a course for Substance Use Awareness in the Workplace. Find out if you have a substance abuse problem for Free by taking the 20 minute Do I Have a Problem course.

Do I Have a Problem?

Do I Have A Problem?


This Free Course will help you decide if your drinking or drug use has become a problem.

substance abuse

Substance Abuse Program

--Only $57--

If you are struggling with Alcohol or Drugs and the effects are starting to cause problems, this is the program for you. Eight Modules spaced over eight weeks. This is the same course material we used in our treatment facility.

family and friends

Family and Friends Program

--Only $37--

Worrying about a loved one’s addiction creates chaos in most major life areas including work. Sleepless nights, arguments and other related stress is exhausting.


Substance Use Awareness

Substance Use Awareness


Substance use in the workplace isn’t new, nor is substance use outside the workplace which affects the workplace.

relapse prevention

Relapse Prevention

--Only $47--

Sometimes people relapse. This course is designed to help those who may have taken a step backward.

Sex-Porn Addiction Program

Sexual Compulsivity Program

--Only $157--

Sexual Compulsivity: an unmanageable pattern of compulsive sexual fantasy and/or behavior that is causing problems in a person’s life.

Substance Use Awareness

Living Authentically

--Only $237--

Do you feel discontent regardless of your circumstances? Codependency, Trauma and Family of Origin Issues are often at the core of this.

Programs That Work

At Global Addiction Recovery, we understand the impact addiction and addiction related issues can have in all major life areas. Founder Brad Oneil is a Certified Addiction Counsellor and Sex Addiction Therapist who developed these programs for his treatment facility. He has provided treatment for all levels of employees across dozens of industries.

Why Online Learning for Addictions?

Recognizing that different clients learn differently, seeing the continuing growth in the use of technology, and tremendous acceptance of online learning, we decided to re-tool our programs for an online teaching approach.

Not everyone needs residential treatment for Substance Abuse or Compulsive Sexual Behavior, and many don’t do well in those environments. The cost of private residential treatment programs is significant, and costs can sometimes rule out that option. In addition, it usually requires an individual to be away from family and other support for time periods that range from weeks to months.

These programs give a person the opportunity to stay connected to family and other support, while receiving all the materials we deliver in our facility.

Our other programs provide additional help for related issues in a similar spaced learning online approach.

Do I Have a Problem?


You may be asking yourself “do I have a drinking problem” or “am I an alcoholic?” Maybe your spouse, a friend or your boss has hinted or suggested that they think you are drinking or using too much.

In less than 20 minutes this free course will help you decide if your drinking or drug use is getting to be a problem for you and if you should do something about it.

In this course you can make that decision for yourself by looking at your habits, patterns and how your alcohol or drug use may be affecting your major life areas such as relationships, work, and personal life.

If you have been wondering, or if someone else is, you have nothing to lose. It is free, and 100% confidential.

Substance Use Awareness

-Only $57-

Substance use in the workplace isn’t new, nor is substance use outside the workplace which affects the workplace.

Concerns about substance use and its impact on the workplace have come into greater focus with the rise in both prescription and illicit opioid use, increased stress in and outside the workplace and in some places, cannabis legalization and decriminalization.

Placing employee well being in the forefront, results from this program will include a safer work environment, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and reduced liability potential due to accidents.

Studies show that the average amount of time an alcoholic or addict is active in their addiction before seeking or being forced to get help is 13 years. In addition, 77% of people struggling with addiction are in the workforce and 60% of people know someone who has been at work while drunk of high. Absenteeism is 41% higher for alcoholics, 75% higher for those with illicit drug use disorder, 46% higher for those with marijuana use disorder and 176% higher for those with pain medication use disorder. These numbers can be reduced significantly through awareness, education and easily accessible programs to help employees deal with these issues.

Identifying Signs

This program will help supervisors and co-workers identify physical signs of substance abuse or behavior changes which indicate the presence of substance abuse.

Physical signs are numerous if employees know what to look for, but employees who are abusing substances often become very skilled at hiding them. These physical signs are numerous. Some will be obvious such as bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, slow reflexes or being agitated. Other symptoms might include tiredness or appearing to be depressed.

There are many less obvious signs which are most often evidenced by behaviors and these take more awareness and observation over a longer period of time. Examples include frequent runny nose which can be an indication of “snorting” drugs or frequent trips to the bathroom or other private areas away from any other employees. There are numerous other indicators which are often ignored or attributed to other potential causes.

Impacts of Substance Abuse – People

No company exists without its people. A culture which promotes and supports the overall health and well being of a workforce is critical for employee satisfaction and optimal production. When individual employees are dealing with substance abuse, all their major life areas suffer, including work.

Unfortunately, coworkers are impacted as well. They may find themselves covering for the individual or performing added tasks which in turn, causes dissension and possibly fatigue leading to underperformance or incidents. Research indicates that affected coworkers are hopeful management will recognize the problem and take corrective action.

In organizations or situations where safety is critical, impairment, including fatigue, is a major concern. Substance abuse can lead to lapses in judgement, poor decisions, reduced motor skills and inability to focus. These situations may not only put the person performing the task at risk but also co-workers, customers and in some instances, members of the general public.

Impacts of Substance Abuse – Organizations

Low morale, incidents, insurance claims, absenteeism, low lack productivity and profitability, potential liabilities due to injuries to staff, and possibly the public, are just a few of the impacts of substance abuse in the workplace.

Many costs are hidden by general absenteeism or illnesses, being late for work, “unnoticed” lack of productivity, lack of focus, late or missed deadlines, or inability or reluctance to link substance use directly with causes of incidents.

This program addresses all these issues plus many more and provides valuable information to assist employees and organizations in identifying and developing a proactive approach for dealing with Substance Abuse in the workplace.

Substance Abuse Program

-Only $57-

You may be feeling hopeless, out of control and your job, relationships and home life are suffering.

This program is designed for anyone struggling with alcohol, marijuana, illicit drug or prescription drug abuse.

The program is divided into 8 Modules, delivered over 8 weeks. This spaced learning approach is designed to help users develop traction in each set of new skills and through the weekly assignments.

This is a principle of brain re-building and neuroplasticity. A new foundation is laid based on repetition of healthy behaviors and newly acquired knowledge and tools.

In spacing the materials out, participants are encouraged to practice their new skills and establish new neural pathways.

Participants watch a video in each module and work through over 60 exercises during the eight-week program. Starting with identifying the nature of substance abuse and the impact it has on all major life areas including career, family and friends, and self, the program focusses on changing behaviors, identifying underling issues, building support networks and developing a sustainable recovery plan.

Family and Friends Program

-Only $37-

You may be feeling hopeless and alone.

Confused and don’t know what is real anymore.

Have tried everything you can think of and nothing is working.

Maybe you sometimes feel like you are going crazy.

You are tired of lies, broken promises and covering up for them.

Addiction impacts far more people than just the addict. Family, Friends and even Co-workers can find themselves drawn into the disease.

Family and friends spend countless hours worrying about loved ones who are addicts and alcoholics, trying to control their behaviors, track their whereabouts or talking with other employees for support.

Co-workers can find themselves working extra hours and lying for the addict or alcoholic to cover for their behaviors, absences or lack of productivity.

Addicted loved ones can disrupt the workplace with phone calls, text messages, emails and sometimes unannounced visits.

This four-week program is designed to help people who have addicts and alcoholics in their lives, deal with the situation in a healthy manner which minimizes disruption in all areas of their lives including the workplace.

Participants learn how to focus on themselves, minimizing the chaos and how to build a support network.

This program is designed for Family and Friends of Alcoholics or Addicts (including sex addicts) and can be beneficial for co-workers who find themselves being drawn into the chaos of addiction.

Sexual Compulsivity Program

-Only $157-

Sex and Porn Addiction, also known as Compulsive Sexual Behavior, is a growing problem and causes many of the same negative effects that substance abuse does.
These include breakdowns in other major life areas, specifically relationships with spouses and children, loss of productivity, absenteeism and other stressors which can find their way into the workplace.

Research indicates that somewhere between 3.5% and 6% of the population suffer from compulsive sexual behavior. That is the same range as the percentage of people who suffer from addiction to illicit drugs.

Sex addiction, which can also be called “sexual compulsivity,” “hypersexuality,” or “hypersexual disorder,” is a pre-occupation with sex, often involving the obsessive pursuit of sexual encounters (pornography, casual sex, anonymous sex, prostitutes, compulsive masturbation, as examples).

Most often a pattern of urges, fantasies, and behaviors continues for a period of at least six months, or re-occurs after a period of abstinence despite:

  • Attempts made to self-correct the problematic sexual behavior
  • Promises made to self and others to change the sexual behavior
  • Significant, negative life consequences such as relationship instability, emotional chaos, physical health problems, career trouble, and legal issues

This eight-week program is designed for people who either know they are struggling with compulsive sexual behavior or are worried about it. An online, self-assessment is available to help with the decision.

Relapse Prevention Program

-Only $47-

Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, some addicts and alcoholics relapse after a period of sobriety.

This three-week program helps the alcoholic or addict to understand that relapse is a breakdown in a recovery plan, not some random event and can therefore be prevented.

Combining video and a series of exercises, participants learn how to watch for the changes in thinking and behaviors which lead to relapse.

The program is designed for people who have been in some form of recovery program, whether it is treatment, counselling or 12 Step, and find themselves relapsing.

If there has not been some measure of sobriety after being in a program or counselling, we recommend the Substance Abuse Program to build a foundation.

Living Authentically

-Only $237-

Our families and other early experiences create blueprints which often subconsciously drive our behaviors. Fortunately, those blueprints can be changed. Family of origin issues, dysfunction, self-esteem and trauma can all play a contributing role in addiction and unhealthy relationships. In addition, other behaviors including interpersonal skills and relationship problems can be rooted in upbringing and adverse childhood experiences.

Understanding the connections can dramatically improve a person’s life, health and self-perception.

Codependency, briefly explained is: living in the mistaken belief that your happiness is dependent on external stimuli and being enslaved to behaviors which try to control people and events in order to try to feel happy.

This is a twelve-week program with a combination of exercises and videos to help people find a more rewarding and fulfilling personal life and improved relationships.

Former participants in this program have said: “Everyone should take this program.” And “It is life changing.”

This program is designed for anyone who is looking to go deeper into examining how understanding and owning our story not only affects our relationships but also our health.