About Us

Brad Oneil, CCAC CSAT
Founder of Global Addiction Recovery Services

Brad is a Certified Addiction Counsellor and Sex Addiction Therapist who owns and operates a traditional Intensive Outpatient Treatment program. He studied addictions at Mount Royal University and Psychology at the University of Liverpool. His combination of education and personal experience as someone in recovery, make him well qualified to help others who struggle with addiction and addiction related issues.

In his private practice he specializes solely in addictions and addiction related issues.

Why Online Learning for Addictions?

Recognizing that different clients learn differently, seeing the continuing growth in the use of technology, and tremendous acceptance of online learning, Brad decided to re-tool his programs for an online teaching approach.

Not everyone needs residential treatment, and many don’t do well in those environments. The cost of private residential treatment programs is significant. If a person is required to pay for their own treatment, it is often an obstacle. In addition, the thought of spending 30, 60 or 90 days away from family, friends and other support creates psychological barriers and is not seen as a viable option.

This group of programs gives those struggling with addiction and addiction related issues the opportunity to take advantage of the material offered in our facility without the high cost and need to be away from home.

All our courses are spaced learning with modules delivered in one-week intervals, so participants have time to put the concepts and tools into practice before moving on.

Online learning gives people control over their recovery and well-being which fosters resiliency and builds self-esteem.