Codependency Questionnaire

Check the statements from the following list that fit your life and behaviors. You may feel you had some of these traits in the past but have worked through them. Check them anyway because you need to be aware of them, so you don’t find yourself slipping back into old patterns.

    • I can’t stand to be alone or find it extremely difficult to be alone.

    • I am a perfectionist.

    • I get a great amount of satisfaction from the approval of others and it improves my sense of self.

    • I feel anxious, desperate or unworthy when I cannot gain the approval of other people.

    • I find myself making decisions based on how they will affect other people and rarely consider myself.

    • Many times, I feel obsessed by a need for total order in my life.

    • I often put my work first, above other important areas of my life.

    • I find myself adjusting to my spouses needs rather than communicating my feelings.

    • I do not experience anger.

    • I overeat often.

    • I frequently, or constantly wonder what other people think of me.

    • I cover up my feelings, so others won’t realize what I really think.

    • I am afraid that if others really knew me, they wouldn’t want anything to do with me.

    • I cover up my feelings of self doubt with drug or alcohol use.

    • I can’t say no when I am asked to do a favour or serve on a committee.

    • When I begin to feel sad or angry, I go shopping, work harder, eat, isolate, watch more TV etc.

    • I tell myself I shouldn’t hurt so much when others let me down.

    • I have a strong need to control those close to me.

    • I have a strong need for everyone to be happy with me so that I can feel good about myself.

    • I need others to be strong for me without requiring anything in return.

    If you have checked 3 or more, you have strong codependency tendencies. If you have checked 5 or more, taking the Codependency/Family or Origin program may help you in a variety of areas of your life.