Sexual Addiction Self-Assessment

Put a check mark beside the descriptions of thoughts or behaviors which describe you. Consider your entire sexual history not just recent behaviors. For example: If you were abusing porn several years ago but have switched to hook-up apps, massage parlors or meeting people for sex, you should still put a check mark beside your past porn use. It is also important to note that watching porn is considered a sexual behavior.

    • Do you tell yourself, or have you told yourself that you were going to watch porn for a short period of time and then found yourself spending more time or than originally intended?

    • Are you keeping, or have you kept your sexual behavior (including watching porn) a secret from your spouse or partner?

    • Has the type of porn you watch changed from when you first started watching it? For example: you may have started looking at magazines and now watch online or: you may have started watching erotica and now watch more graphic content.

    • Do you ever regret the amount of time you spend fantasizing about, searching for and engaging in sexual activities?

    • Would your relationship with your spouse or partner be at risk if they were to know the full extent of your sexual behavior?

    • If you are in a committed relationship, do you find yourself repeatedly or frequently engaging in secret sexual relationships or casual sexual activities?

    • Has your partner, employer, family or friends expressed concern about, or questioned your sexual activities?

    • Have you ever told yourself that you would stop viewing certain porn sites, certain types of porn, going in chat rooms or engaging in hook-ups only to find yourself doing it again?

    • Have you purchase services online for erotic/sexual purposes, including memberships on dating sites, online chat, memberships on porn sites or memberships specifically for hooking-up sexually?

    • Have you participated in activities or behaviors which were risky? (including unprotected sex)

    • Has your sexual or romantic behavior caused you to lose anyone or anything that is important to you? (romantic relationships, family, friends, career, money, self-esteem community standing)

    • Have you ever paid for sexual services?

    • Have you ever received money for sexual services?

    • Do you become irritated, defensive or anxious after abstaining from sexual activity for a period of time?

    • Are you in crisis over your sexual behavior with your spouse, partner, family, friends or at work?

    • Do you cancel or avoid other events and activities so you can engage in sexual activities?

    • Has your obsessive focus (time spent thinking about and planning) on sex caused you to neglect or reduced your ability to focus and be present with your romantic partner, work, friends, family, interests, school, recreation or other activities?

    • Do you view, download, share or distribute illegal images or videos or engage in illegal activities such as voyeurism, exhibitionism or prostitution?

    If you have checked one or two of these questions, you are at risk for sexual addiction. If you have checked three or more there is a definite possibility you are sexually addicted and should seek help.

    If you checked the last question, you should seek the assistance of a qualified counsellor who is skilled in handling these matters.